Thousand Years of Prague Architecture

3 hours
Thousand Years of Prague Architecture

Just 3 hours and you will cross more than ten centuries of architecture.

Prague was fortunate in her location – on the crossroads of Europe and in the basin of the country´s arterial waterway. Each architectural epoch left its prints on the Prague´s face; we can find examples of all styles in a close location. Our guide will pick you up at your hotel and together you will admire the Prague architecture.

Cross the city center to find the real examples of the oldest architectural style in the city center: Gothic. As Prague was only a provincial city in the Austrian monarchy between 1611-1918, many of the old buildings stayed preserved. Such buildings you will find for ex. at the Old Town Square. Further you find Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance, Cubism, and Art Nouveau

Also, Prague was not heavily damaged during the second world war so it all stayed how it was created in past centuries. 

The city tour ends in the city center. This is a wonderful walk through Prague, ideal for warm days. 

1-2 persons:
120 €
3-6 persons:
150 €
7-9 persons:
180 €