10 hours

Visit one of the youngest capital cities in the world.

The capital city of Slovakia is the only city in the world that borders on two states at the same time. Bratislava (formerly Pressburg or Pozsony), located at the foothills of the Little Carpathians, has to offer many sites as evidence of historical epochs and architectural styles. Apart from the historical buildings you find in the city a lot of museums, galleries, or exhibition halls where take place a variety of cultural events. Mainly in the last two decades, after Bratislava became the capital city of the Slovak Republic, it underwent a rapid development. The city got a new look, the sites were renovated, and new buildings are being built. Bratislava is the political, economic, cultural, educational, and scientific center of the republic.  

Upon arriving in Bratislava we do a grand sightseeing tour during which you will see all the major sites. We drive to the view point at the castle from where you will enjoy a unique view over the city and the Danube. Then we return to the city center and our guide will take you to the historical places which you should not miss. You will have enough time for your own individual tour, you can visit any of the galleries or museums or have a break on the promenade with a glass of nice wine.

Departure from Bratislava around 6 pm, return to Prague around 10 pm.

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7-9 persons:

price includes transportation and guide