9 hours

Originally a fishing village, today a modern city. Dresden is the only city in the world that has been removed from the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage.

Only 2 hour drive from Prague and you are in a charming German city where lived such important people such as Goethe, Schiller, Weber, Wagner, and others.

The unsettled history is written in the city´s present face. Once the capital of Saxon Kingdom, later an important center of the southern part of the East Germany, today again a flourishing metropolis of Saxony. Even though the city was practically destroyed at the end of the Second World War by massive bombardment, today you find it in the original splendor.  

Dresden is situated on both banks of the Elbe River; from bridges you have a magnificent view over the historical center. Parts of the trip are sightseeing tour in a car/minibus as well as a walk through the city center. You will have an opportunity to visit some of the sights or to take a boat ride.   

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the price includes transportation and guide