Terezín Memorial

5 hours
Terezín Memorial

The fortress Terezín is a reminder of a tragic chapter of European history.

The military fortress was built during the reign of Emperor Josef II toward the end of the 18th century and in that time it could house an army of 60.000 soldiers and 6.500 horses.

In 1940, during the World War II, the Terezín fortress was converted into a state prison, in fall 1941 into a Jewish ghetto and a concentration camp. It became a place of suffering for over 90.000 prisoners, many of them (about 35.000) lost their lives here. The rest, the still living prisoners, was deported to other European concentration camps. At the end of the war, just 3.800 survivors left the fortress alive.

With a guide your will visit a large complex of the Small Fortress, Museum, and National Cemetery. You will also see a short film about the history of the camp.

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