Wine Tasting at Mělník Chateau

4 hours
Wine Tasting at Mělník Chateau

Not so far from Prague, just on the confluence of Vltava and Elbe rivers, among large vineyards, lies a small town of Mělník with a lovely Renaissance chateau. In the chateau´s cellars you can taste local wine.

After 1989 the chateau became again the property of the noble family of Lobkowicz who carefully refurbished the halls and chambers after a non-existing care of the Communists for 40 years. Firstly, you will visit the chateau where you can admire the richly furnished interior and a large collection of paintings, porcelain, and engravings. The Lobkowitz family lives at the chateau and takes care of the local wine production.

After the chateau visit you will have an opportunity to go down to the cellars for wine tasting. The Mělník area is famous especially for its white wine („Ludmila“) but you will taste red wine as well. King Charles IV brought the first vine to the Czech Lands in the 14th century from Burgundy, France as he lived there and enjoyed the local wine. After his return to the Bohemian kingdom he started founding large vineyards all around the capital.

In the cellars is a constant low temperature so don´t forget to bring a sweater. In the shop you can buy the wine you tasted.

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