Karlovy Vary

9 hours
Karlovy Vary

The famous luxurious spa situated in the western part of Bohemia where you can taste local mineral water.

Visit Karlovy Vary with a private guide and driver - this city has a long history and a lot to offer! Enjoy the special charm of this aristocratic city known in the whole Europe for centuries.

Karlovy Vary is an old, traditional spa town with hot mineral springs. While walking in the beautiful city center you can taste the mineral springs.

After the city visit, you can enter the Jan Becher museum (optional; entrance is not included in the tour price). Jan Becher founded Becherovka, an herb liquor, in the 19th century; it basically became a national drink.

As a second visit you can go to the glass factory Moser (optional; entrance is not included in the tour price). Glass production has a long tradition in the Czech Republic and Moser is one of the best, and world known glass factories. You will see the whole process of glass production from material selection, over to production, and hand engraving. You will not miss seeing the old way of making glass - blowing. At the end you can buy glass products for a better price.

Your guide and driver pick you up in the morning, the ride takes two hours. You will return to Prague in the early evening.

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the price includes the transports and guide